Friday, September 4, 2009

After the Friending

By DeNeen L. Brown

I'd like to be friends with you on Facebook. Really, I would. But then what would we do next?
I'm flattered that you want to be my friend, but I wonder why didn't you just pick up the phone and call me.
I know.
I know.
We promised to get together in the new year, and already it's summer and you haven't been to my house and I haven't been to yours. You haven't seen how my kid has grown. And I haven't seen yours. We never had that lunch we both promised we would set up. We never went out for drinks after work, as we both said we would. And here you are on Facebook, wanting to be my friend.
I am eager to hit the "confirm" button, but I wonder what will happen after that. Will we have a virtual lunch or virtual glass of wine? But then how would you notice that I got my first crease around my eyes? Or that I am trying to lose weight? Would you notice my pretty sandals? And that killer purse I just bought?
Oh, you are right. I could just send you a photo, and then you would know. Or would you?
What about the pregnant pauses in the conversation where really good friends go to fill in the blank? What about the story that I can't hide from you when we are face to face? Okay, yes, I know I could tell you all about it online. But where would I start, and who else would be listening?